Diego Sans and Johnny Rapid in Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1

Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 is a great new series that has just been released by Super Gay Hero. It stars all exclusives pornstars to Men.com, Diego Sans and Johnny Rapid, and has been filmed by Men.com. Men.com is an award-winning network that has around 2,370 hardcore gay porn vids that cover ten sites. These sites are Big Dicks At School, The Gay Office, Jizz Orgy and Super Gay Hero, just to mention a few.

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Diego Sans plays the drink-loving, ass-fucking, naughty pirate, and he is stunning. He has an amazing hard body that is covered in hair, and he has a great six pack and firm butt. He is a five-foot-ten-inch top with brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and he has a seven-inch uncut cock.
Diego has starred in 69 hardcore gay porn movies for Men.com so far, and in his last movie called ‘Thoroughbred Part 3’, he got stuck into a hardcore threesome with Griffin Barrows and Liam Cyber. Twitter

Johnny Rapid has been an all exclusive star to Men.com ever since I can remember, and yet doesn’t look any older than when he first joined. He is a cute young guy with a lean body, and he is five-feet-six-inches tall. He has brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and he is versatile with a seven and a half inch cut cock. Click here to follow him on twitter
Johnny has starred in 199 gay porn vids for Men.com, and his first movie with them was back in November 2011 and called ‘Tyler St James and Johnny Rapid’ This is the first movie where we see Johnny getting his now famous butt being drilled hard and deep by Tyler St James.

Johnny Rapid as a gay Pirate

‘Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1’ – http://www.gaypornparody.xxx/video/pirates-a-gay-xxx-parody-part-1-2Kf1GOZ9kqR.html – starts off with spectacular outdoors scenery, just the kind you get in big time Hollywood movies. The sky looks slightly menacing, and The Pirate, played by Diego Sans, looks almost dead in the water. He is pulled out of the rough sea by a fisherman. The fisherman is shocked to find out that he is pirate, and as Diego comes around, he spies a ship. He takes off, and as he gets to the ship, he jumps aboard to take it over by himself. Paddy O’Brian plays the captain and soon has him trapped inside the hull.

Diego knocks on a door to ask for some drink, and as Johnny Rapid opens the small window for him, Diego notices a medallion around his neck. He sees that it belongs to a pirate; a pirate he once knew. After a minute or two of talking, Johnny lets him in through the door.

As well as liking his drink, Diego also likes a nice piece of ass. He pulls his cock out of his pants and gets Johnny onto his knees and his mouth around his cock to suck him off. As Johnny sucks on his cock, Diego shouts out with pleasure. They know they are safe as the other men are all getting drunk next door. Diego gets naked as Johnny continues sucking his cock, and then as he wants more than a mouth around him, he gets Johnny naked and puts him on his back with his legs in the air.

Johnny Rapid groans out as he feels Diego’s smooth tongue probing his tight young ass, and then he moans out even louder as Diego gets down and fingers his ass until he knows it’s ready for him.

Johnny Rapid stands up and bends over just as Diego rams his cock deep into his ass and smacks his ass as he fucks him. Johnny can’t stay quiet, and with every thrust of Diego’s cock in his ass, he yells out louder and louder.

Johnny Rapid shoots a thick creamy load over his young stomach as Diego fucks him in the missionary position, and then Diego spills his load over Johnny.

Diego makes his escape and takes an eager Johnny with him, but the captain of the ship, Paddy O’Brian, is determined to chase them.

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